What is Laminam?
Italian Innovative Technology.
It is the result of innovative technology to produce large ceramic surfaces in different thicknesses, that can be used as:

Architectural surfaces for both interior and exterior
Slabs can be used in furniture and design
Slabs can be used in furniture and design

The slabs
Natural raw materials and sustainable technologies are the underlying principles behind the Laminam production process. Main raw materials used are clay, feldspar and sand of certified origin. These substances are selected to achieve a homogeneous composition free of impurities. Compacted into different sizes and thicknesses; namely 3mm, 5mm, 12mm and 20mm. Double conveyer technology (the SYSTEM production line) allows for textures on surfaces and for super thin 3mm sheets. Research and Development on new materials, new mixtures and new technologies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of Laminam products and their uses, e.g: With IN-SIDE technology, With AMBIENCE treatment, Realisation of Flamed, Smooth, Polish, Structured Effects with which to embellish surfaces.